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H2GD Part 41: How to create a simple contact form

With the right plugin, creating a simple contact form should be almost as easy as typing

display contact form here


Over on bobbingwidewebdesign.com I reviewed 6 Contact Form plugins. Today, since my Gravity Forms Licence had expired again, I tried Ninja Forms as well.

It took me a while to get a working version. I eventually succeeded when I lowered my sights. In the end the results weren’t much better than the simple contact form that comes as standard with my oik plugin.

How to create a simple contact form using oik

  1. Install and activate the oik base plugin
  2. Visit oik options > options and set a value for your email address: Email [bw_mailto]/[bw_email]..
  3. Create some content e.g. a new post or a page
  4. Somewhere within the content type

  5. Save
  6. There, that wasn’t hard now was it?



    • Enough fields to gather information from your site visitor.
    • Name and Email are required fields.
    • HTML5 validation.
    • Spam checking using Akismet.
    • Email sent to the content author.
    • It’s also copied to the email given on the contact form.
    • The email indicates the URL on which the form was completed.
    • Default text for Submit button is “Contact me” if the Contact [bw_contact] field is not completed.

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