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allow-reinstalls – The WordPress user’s lament

How many of you have bought a premium theme (or plugin ) for your website, which was easy to install… but then something went wrong, or they made a change, and you got a “download” file which got you stumped.

You tried to upload it but the “computer said NO.” Here are my thoughts on the subject. Continue reading

WordPress 301 – how to unredirect spammers?

Loads of spurious requests to my content are using up valuable server time. So how am I supposed to deal with them? Continue reading

Celebrating 5 years on wordpress.org

Today is the 5th anniversary of my registration on wordpress.org as both herbmiller and bobbingwide Continue reading

Because “code is poetry”

Hello. My name is Herb Miller
and I'm a WordPress geek.
For me, WordPress isn't just 
a language I can speak.

I develop my own plugins
branded oik, by bobbingwide.
Some of them are free;
some make money on the side

I also build whole websites
and can turn my hand to themes.
I even contribute to core,
as tricky as it seems.

I'm immersed in the culture
which I live and breathe each day
If you've got problems to solve
then I can find the way.

So when you hear of WordPress
please do now think of me
Herb Miller, WordPress plugin man,
...because "Code is poetry".

Post Scriptum

I'm looking out for people
who want to join with me
to restart a WordPress meetup
It's called WordUp Pompey!

If your website's WordPress
And you use it every day
then let me know your email
And we'll send some news your way

© Copyright Herb Miller 2015

4-5-6-7-8-9-10 since WordPress first released

Assuming WordPress was released at midnight (GMT), then on 27th November 2015 at 8:09:10 WordPress would have been available for this long…

since WordPress 0.70

Continue reading

H2GD Part 50: Cannot redeclare func previously declared in file:xx in file:yy

I’ve had this problem for a while now. I’m happily working away on my Windows PC, editing posts, changing code and testing and then out of the blue comes a Fatal error: Cannot redeclare message. But when I press Enter or refresh it goes away.

Continue reading

H2GD Part 49: Crocodile maths question – PHP solution

Here’s a little bit of PHP that helps you to solve the Crocodile maths question. Continue reading

Total downloads from wordpress.org reached 250,000

Over the weekend the total downloads from wordpress.org of my plugins reached 250,000. Suffice it to say I’m quite proud of this… but there’s still work to do Continue reading

oik base plugin passed 100,000 downloads

Late yesterday my oik base plugin passed the 100,000 downloads milestone. Another hurrah! Continue reading

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