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DIY-oik v1.4 fixes problems with Add-To-Any and Jetpack Related Posts

Last month a customer noted that the output of my Do-It-Yourself shortcodes plugin was interspersed with the share buttons from Add-To-Any. I reproduced the problem. I also discovered some strange behaviour with Jetpack. Today, while testing my fix I discovered another problem… Jetpack Related Posts attaches itself to the first invocation of ‘the_content’ filter. Continue reading

Over 200,000 downloads of my plugins from wordpress.org

I’ve been sharing some of my plugins on WordPress.org for a while. The total number of downloads for plugins created by bobbingwide has now passed 200,000.

Let me tell you a little more about them. Continue reading

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Sorry if the input fields are too wide! You can partially blame Jetpack for creating the unwanted CSS and my plugin's use of a table to display the form.

/* table { table-layout: fixed; } */
.textwidget td input[type=text],
.textwidget td input[type=email],
.textwidget td textarea { width: 100%; }