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H2GD Part 15: broken image in Chrome for JetPack stats

This simple slideshow demonstrates a problem with the JetPack stats plugin which results in a broken image when viewing the site using Chrome. A fix for the problem is provided for Jetpack v1.7

Jetpack stats image NOT YET brokenJetpack stats image now displayed as a broken image



Admin-bar Stats image not showing up

Chrome browser does not show images generated by HTTP handler


Download the patch

Attached to this post is the fix for this problem. It’s a patch file for Jetpack version 1.7.



  • When the webpage is created Jetpack sets the source for the image in the admin bar as “http://example.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=stats&noheader&proxy&chart=admin-bar-hours&height=20&hours=48″
  • The browser performs a GET for this image
  • Which sends the message to WordPress admin which invokes the JetPack stats function called stats_reports_page().
  • This then sends a remote request to wordpress.com
  • Which replies with the generated PNG file in the body of the response
  • The Stats function then echo’ed this PNG file to the browser using the following (simplified) code header( "Content-Type: image/png" ); die( $get['body'] )

  • Apparently Google chrome doesn’t care for this ( see the second link )
  • It is happier when the code is changed to header( "Content-Type: image/png" ); $img = $get['body']; header( 'Content-Length: ' . strlen( $img ) ); echo $img; exit();
  • So that’s what the patch file contains

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