• How To Get Distracted Part 1: 2012 is the year of the meetup

    It was in probably in February or March when I found out that

    2012 is the year of the meetup

    I used it in one of my sample phrases for

    Aoccrndig to a rhsreceaer at Crmbdaige Ueirtnsivy, it dosen’t metatr in wichh oedrr the letrtes in a wrod are, the olny iptomnart tihng is that the frist and lsat letetr be at the rhgit pcale. The rset can be a ttoal mses and you can slitl read it whiotut pbolerm. This is becsuae the hamun mnid does not raed ervey ltteer by isletf but the wrod as a wlhoe.

    to fiddle with. On the 1st of April I was thinking of an April fool along the lines of if you type “code is poetry” into bbboing and get “code is poetry” returned then you win a prize. Imagine my surprise when I was making changes to oik-plugins – I’d just done a banner image for

    Aiocrcdng to a reashrceer at Cibdrgmae Uvretiinsy, it dosen’t mttaer in whcih oedrr the letrets in a wrod are, the only iaormpntt tnhig is taht the fsirt and lsat lteter be at the rgiht palce. The rset can be a ttaol mess and you can sltil read it wtiuhot pbelorm. Tihs is bucesae the hmaun mnid does not raed erevy ltteer by iletsf but the wrod as a wohle.

    – and I noticed that “2012 is the year of the meetup” was the phrase that came out unchanged.


    In part two of this series… hold on I’ve just had an idea.


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Tide Times & Heights for Northney on
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