• 25 top tips for SEO for beginners

    25 top tips for SEO for beginners

    “25 top tips for SEO for beginners” is a new poem written especially for the WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup held on 20th October 2021.

    It was first publicly aired just after relisting the top tips. I present it here with some additional notes. And, of course, the 25 top tips for SEO.

    Some explanation

    • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization
    • It’s all about ranking – getting your results in the SERPs – Search Engine Results Page
    • For that you need to have a focus keyword or keyphrase that is unique for each bit of content on your website post, page, etc.
    • The focus keyword may be quite long; a key phrase therefore.
    • Once you’ve got your keyword, you structure your content nicely, making use of the keyword a couple of times in the title, first paragraph, sub-headings and meta description.
    • Use a different focus keyword for each piece of content.
    • You need a good site structure to which other sites link.
    • The content should be good enough to encourage sharing in social media.
    • There should be internal links to related content and links to relevant external content as well.
    • Images should also be SEO’d, with alt text for those who need it.
    • It should be easy and pleasant to use regardless of the device used to access it.
    • Your site will benefit from a good technical SEO implementation: speedy, no broken links, and security; kept up to date.
    • Once you’ve done all that, and improved your ranking in the SERPs, you have to up your game again.

    25 top tips for SEO

    Since it may not be immediately obvious from the poem what the 25 top tips for SEO are, I’ll list them here.

    1. Keyword / keyphrase research
    2. Technical SEO – Site speed
    3. Technical SEO – no broken links
    4. Site structure
    5. Great user experience
    6. Write high quality unique content
    7. Social media strategy
    8. Link building
    9. Internal linking structure
    10. Secure & updated
    11. Write meta description
    12. Get indexed
    13. Cornerstone content
    14. Write in the reader’s language
    15. Know your competition
    16. Canonical URLs
    17. Redirects
    18. Accessibility
    19. Schema structured data
    20. Mobile optimization
    21. Optimize text for SEO
    22. Make your content readable
    23. Use your focus keyphrase only once
    24. Use SEO plugin(s)
    25. Keep up the good work

    For more details, and the full presentation, see WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – 25 top tips from Yoast SEO for beginners

    5 top tips – DON’Ts

    1. DON’T use keyword stuffing
    2. DON’T buy / trade links
    3. DON’T try page swapping
    4. DON’T duplicate content
    5. DON’T allow orphaned content

    25 SEO top tips for beginners – YouTube video

    “25 SEO top tips for beginners” – by Herb Miller
    • 46:36 25 SEO top tips – can you remember the tips?
    • 46:52 25 top SEO tips revisited – 25 DO’s and 5 DON’Ts
    • 47:34 25 SEO top tips for beginners ( 1/2 )
    • 48:40 25 SEO top tips for beginners ( 2/2 )
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