• __qca cookie – what makes it appear?

    I’m busy building the catalog of cookies on my new cookie-cat site. For first party cookies and some 3rd party cookies it’s fairly easy to attribute the cookie to a particular plugin. But I’m having difficulty with the __qca cookie. Reports produced by cookiecert.com indicate that __qca is a first party cookie, along with the Google Analytics ones ( __utma, __utmb, etc. )

    My list of active plugins shows that I’ve got both JetPack and Add to Any share plugins enabled. Are these responsible for the __qca cookie? If so, when does it appear in my browser? I’ll see if I can use the browser=y parameter to the [[cookies]] shortcode to help me spot it from the client end.

    Looking to hear suggestions for a more sensible approach.

    [cookies browser=y]

    Intermediate conclusion

    My testing consisted of the following steps

    • Remove the __qca cookie from my browser
    • Click on a Share button and share this post
    • Redisplay the post and see if __qca appears in the table.

    I clicked on the Share buttons for both JetPack and Add to Any but __qca didn’t appear… Had it done so it should have appeared as “unknown”. That’s the theory… I’d better test it on a site that’s still got __qca on it. OK. Done… oik-plugins.com is showing it on


    Next step in tracking it

    Put the cookies shortcode into the page footer – below the Copyright and visit each page or post until it appears.

    Answer: I had an interesting time reading all my pages and blog posts but the cookie didn’t appear. Now I suppose I’ll have to fiddle around in the Dashboard. … but first a little bit of light entertainment.

    Answer: jetpack – stats module

    It took a long time but I finally caught the little blighter. The __qca cookie is created by quant.js

    which is loaded by a JavaScript file called e-$week.js where $week is the year number and week number. This JavaScript file comes from stats.wordpress.com


    Last updated:

    August 18, 2014

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