• Anything else in your development toolkit?

    The last question in What is in your development environment? is “Anything else in your development toolkit?”

    Here are my soft answers:

    • All the reference material on WordPress.org and the multitude of WordPress related sites that live and breathe WordPress.
    • wp-a2z.org and its sub domains for Genesis, WooCommerce and Jetpack.
    • Books: I’ve recently been learning React JS. I haven’t bought any WordPress books since Pro WordPress Theme Development, by Adam Onishi. Books on jQuery, HTML and CSS line my shelves, along with some Drupal ones that are now gathering dust. And I really should look for a good PHP book.
    • Seagate Disk Wizard – for taking those Oh so important backups.
    • A TODO list – I have it implemented as a custom post type. Originally it wasn’t intended to be a WORN implementation ( Write Once Read Never ), more a round tuit. Nowadays I use GitHub issues.
    • Top 10 questions to ask when something doesn’t work
    • Multiple development environments and a dashboard showing me which versions of plugins I have installed in each, plus a whole lot more.
    • My home grown WordPress batch facility.
    • Command Prompt – the DOS box
    • Finally, Sky Caddie. It doesn’t help with WordPress but you need to have some time away from the keyboard 🙂


    Last updated:

    November 17, 2016


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