• Tools I no longer use

    When I first documented my development environment I listed a number of tools that I used at the time. I’ve stopped using a number of these tools when I switched to a new machine in 2014. I’ve got another machine now.

    Tools discarded Jan 2014

    Object REXX

    When I changed development machines I did not reinstall all the tools I was previously using.
    I no longer have Object REXX installed.
    Which means I no longer have my super grepping tool.
    I was slowly rewriting it in PHP – but now that I use the PhpStorm IDE I can search whole projects easily.

    Artisteer – a theme creating tool

    • I no longer have access to Artisteer 3.5
    • I run a customized version of Artisteer 4.1
    • I tried Artisteer 4.2 but couldn’t make it do what I had done with Artisteer 4.1 so reverted to that.
    • But now I’m in the middle of switching to the Genesis Framework
    • See http://www.artisteer.com/


    I haven’t yet reinstalled Safari and Opera, though I do use Safari on my iPhone and iPad.

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