• What’s not in my development environment?

    Having reviewed the responses so far to the What is your WordPress development environment? question I decided to list the tools that I don’t use in my development environment.

    I might even give reasons for not using them.

    List updated August 2015, then again Feb 201, and again Aug 2016

    Tools I used to use

    Object REXX

    When I changed development machines I did not reinstall all the tools I was previously using. I no longer have Object REXX installed. Which means I no longer have my super grepping tool; I’m slowly rewriting it in PHP.


    I haven’t yet reinstalled Safari and Opera.

    Version Control

    • Mercurial

    I have, but don’t use

    • Cygwin – except for tail and grep
    • Dropbox
    • Skype
    • Any form of cloud backup except what my iPhone uses

    I’m considering using

    • PhpStorm v10, primarily for PHP debugging

    I need a better solution for

    • Minifying jQuery and CSS
    • Creating localized versions of my plugins
    • Regression testing
    • Parsing code to produce dynamic documentation
    • Creating templates for custom post types

    I’ve never used

    • A packaged WAMP installation.
    • Text editors: Coda 2, VI(m), Sublime Text 3, notepad++
    • A Mac – though I do suffer my iPhone and now my iPad
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Grunt
    • Vagrant
    • Tools I’d never heard of until Feb 2014: compass, livereload, measureelt, bootstrap, sketch

    Not used since I left IBM

    • Linux on a laptop
    • A virtual machine
    • SCP

    Changes since August 2016 ( to Feb 2016 )

    • I tried Zend PHP server very briefly when I was trying to get Xdebug to work
    • My development machine now has a Laravel 5.2 development, which means I also have node.js, bower, angular.js, SaSS ( Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets ) and other stuff I thought I could avoid.
    • I’ve had to reinstall Putty and Pageant in order to use SSH
    • I now use BitBucket with SourceSafe
    • I use WP-CLI very rarely; I have a similar solution with oik-batch. I have a long term plan to convert my oik-batch code to WP-CLI… if it makes sense to do so.
    • I believe that certain parts of Symfony (finally corrected the spelling) are needed by Laravel

    Changes since Feb 2016 ( to Aug 2016 )

    • I do have Firefox installed
    • I have a working PHPUnit solution
    • I appear to have a working PHP debugging solution using Xdebug and PhpStorm 10.2
    • I’m very much into doing things with Git; raising Issues for just about every change I make
    • I can even do pull requests
    • I use SSH and Git to manage the source of WP-a2z.org
    • I’m slowly accepting WP-cli
    • I’ve stopped using Laravel

    Things that haven’t changed much

    • I’ve stopped using Laravel
    • I’m still very wary of Composer, npm
    • I can’t Grunt
    • I don’t know how to SASS
    • I tried installing Vagrant but fell at too many hurdles
    • One day soon I’ll be trying React JS
    • And then I’ll revisit the REST API
    • I intend to try using Codeception, Travis CI


    Last updated:

    August 29, 2016


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