• Herb Miller – online CV

    I’m a full stack web developer, specialising in WordPress; the creator of oik plugins – the home of lazy smart shortcodes, and WP-a2z – the dynamic API reference for WordPress core, plugins, themes and blocks.

    I focus most of my efforts into developing WordPress plugins for oik-plugins and bespoke plugins and themes for customers of bobbing wide.
    The rest of my time is spent cataloguing WordPress blocks.
    I also organise the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup.

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    Show and Tell – whats going on – 20210510Show and Tell – whats going on – 20210510

    Technical skills

    WordPress (core, plugins and themes), PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Genesis theme framework, MySQL, Git, SVN, PHPUnit, problem determination.
    ReactJS, REST API.
    Drupal, C/C++


    I formed my web design and web development company ( Bobbing Wide ) soon after retiring from IBM, where I’d developed software for 31 years. Originally I focused on developing websites for small to medium businesses, mostly using Drupal and WordPress. In 2011, I started developing WordPress plugins using the brand name of oik-plugins. Many of the plugins are aimed at web designers, developers and power users.

    There are now over 80 plugins avaliable from oik-plugins.com, 13 of which are available from wordpress.org. In total I have over 160 repositories on my main GitHub account: bobbingwide.

    Self employed since 2010

    Working as Bobbing Wide and oik-plugins:

    • Develop and support a range of advanced WordPress plugins, both bespoke and Open Source.
    • Develop and support bespoke themes for customer sites.
    • Contributor to WordPress
    • Develop and support the WordPress Dynamic API Reference suite of sites

    Earlier career – June 1979 to October 2009

    Senior Application Developer / IT Architect at IBM Global Services

    • e-business integration specialist since 2003.
    • Industries: Communications, Retail, Banking (FX), Energy and Utilities.
    • Multi platform development.

    See also LinkedIn profile or read my IBM CV

    Other Interests

    Golf, Progressive Rock – especially Caravan, Cycling, Cats, Real Ale.

    I live in Rowlands Castle with my wife and two cats.

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    Last updated:

    November 8, 2022


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Tide Times & Heights for Langstone Harbour on
4th December 2023
03:48 High Tide ( 4.09m )
08:48 Low Tide ( 2.03m )
15:46 High Tide ( 3.84m )
21:15 Low Tide ( 1.91m )

Tide times from tidetimes.org.uk

Tide Times & Heights for Northney on
4th December 2023
04:09 High Tide ( 3.96m )
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16:13 High Tide ( 3.74m )
21:39 Low Tide ( 1.7m )