• Acronyms

    Acronyms are great when they come in letters 3.
    There’s easy one’s like ICL, IBM, BBC
    My job means that I learn new ones …SEM, SEO
    there surely ain’t a TLA
    that I don’t think I know.

    But what keeps me so int’rested
     it makes me “feel alive” 
    is when an acronym is spelt 
    with letters numb’ring FIVE
    A new one that I’ve come up with, 
    for WordPress gals and chaps, 
    is my new take on SMO 
    the acronym is FLAPS
    F - for Follow 
    L - for Like and 
    A - for Aggregate 
    P - to Publish when the post has changed from its draft state.
    But most of all we like to Share 
    The fact can’t be denied. 
    So if that’s what you want to do, 
    Come see me Bobbing Wide.
    (C) Copyright Herb Miller 2011, 2020

    Acronyms used above

    Acronym Stands for
    ICL I used it as International Computers Ltd. Today I learnt it also stands for Imperial College London… my university.
    IBM International Business Machines – big blue.
    Also I’ve Been Moved.
    BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
    SEM Search Engine Marketing
    SEO Search Engine Optimization
    TLA Three Letter Acronym
    SMO Social Media Optimization

    Some other acronyms

    In the original version of the poem, published on Bobbing Wide Web Design blog I used 4N instead of WordPress.


    Last updated:

    January 24, 2020

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