• Always swim between the flags

    Always swim between the flags

    Rachel Cowe married Mike Wicks on 1st April 2023 at Bowral, NSW, Australia. I wrote this to celebrate the occasion.

    hearty congratulations to Mike and Rachel wicks 
    who chose to marry on this day
    in lieu of playing tricks
    today's not just a special day
    it’s more than that I think...
    though Alfie’s just reached one year old
    enough said wink wink wink
    your families and friends came far and wide
    to help you celebrate 
    to hear your solemn marriage vows
    to your best chum, pal - your mate
    the secrets of long married lives are somewhat hit and miss
    but follow them diligently and your one could be bliss.
    some of them are carved in stone 
    the others left unsaid
    lower the seat when you leave the throne,
    and never fart in bed
    apologise for belching,
    rinse sand from between your toes
    don’t take off your wedding ring
    no fingers up your nose
    no secrets betwixt man and wife
    nothing to keep hush hush
    no accidental discovery
    that you used their toothbrush.
    don’t leave your partner home alone
    don’t look at me with that tone
    when they tell jokes don’t just groan
    and never use their mobile phone
    I could go on for ever
    but long lists are just drags
    the greatest rules for married life?
    - obey the one who nags.
    - and either respect the surfers' code*
    - or swim between the flags.
    * this template for a happy world is an easy one to teach. 
    it's printed on steel surfboards along Maroubra beach
    © Herb Miller 2023


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    November 20, 2023

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