• Apostrophes


    It s a cryin shame.
    It s really not that fair.
    I ve this need for apostrophes,
    but there isn t one to spare.

    I ll find a way around it.
    They re easy to replace.
    Just use the missing letters
    that used to take their place.
    If you use the rules
    it s not that hard to see
    when you could ve used one
    or where it shouldn t be.
    I m sure that readers everywhere
    will appreciate your time
    eradicating excess ones
    from each and every line.
    And then there ll be some spare ones
    so I can help you see
    a proper use for the single quote;
    as an a'p'os tro'phe.

    (C) Copyright Herb Miller 2019

    To see the missing letters, hover over the space where the apostrophe might have been.


    When you’re writing HTML an apostrophe can be represented by:

    ' which may appear as  ' 
    ’ which may appear as – right single quotation mark
    aka a curly closing single quote.

    See Wikipedia for more information on Apostrophes, especially those showing omission.

    when using WordPress

    • When using the Gutenberg block editor, the chance of ‘ making a round trip and reappearing as ‘ in the editor is pretty slim.
    • It gets converted to the character you may have wanted.
    • Sometimes an apostrophe gets converted to a left single quotation mark.
    • This is due to texturisation logic trying to match left and right single quotation marks.
    • Gor blimey guv’nor, that’s what’s ‘appen’d ‘ere.

    , ,


    Last updated:

    January 27, 2020


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