• Be my valentine

    Be my valentine

    A belated Valentine’s day message.

    I have a friend called Susan.
    She is in fact my wife.
    And when we were betroth-ed
    we said it was for life.
    But recently she's mentioned
    that I'm on borrowed time
    and that's because I didn't
    buy her a Valentine.
    I'll try to make it up to her,
    in any way I can.
    I'll say "I love you" now and then.
    I think that's called 'A plan'.
    In three week's time we will have been 
    in our home for ten years
    and that's something to celebrate
    "hip hip hooray - three cheers!"
    I really do love Susan
    she's soon to go away
    to Oz to see her daughter
    I'll miss her every day.


    Last updated:

    February 16, 2016


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