• bucket list – post WordCamp London 2015

    I attended WordCamp London 2015 from 20th – 22nd March. Prior to the event I wrote my bucket list for things to achieve before I left. Now I have an even longer list of things to do. If you want to help me complete my bucket list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Abbreviated version: work on www.oik-plugins.com/oik-plugins/oik-clone-clone-your-wordpress-content/ before (nearly) all the others in the list.

    Full version:

    New bucket list

    Originally scribbled on the the train from Waterloo down to Rowlands Castle, Sunday 22nd and transcribed to a private post on 24th…

    Some of these items were prompted by the speakers, some through discussions with the sponsors and the rest through conversation with attendees of both contributor day and the main event. It was a fantastic weekend and thanks to everyone who made it happen.

    Updates applied 30th March 2015

    Over a week after the event I’ve decided to make this post public. Status updates are shown after a break as Status: I’ve only worked on 6 of them 🙂

    1. Get wp media import to work on Windows ( @tarendai ) github.com/wp-cli
      Status: Done, Raised github.com/wp-cli/wp-cli/issues/1722
    2. Get a SiteGround GoGeek account for oik-plugins.net
    3. Attempt to develop a Jetpack extension module
    4. Apply for a job
      Status: Done
    5. Get my WP Engine site upgraded to PHP 5.5
    6. Build cache vs non-cached statistics. ie. Develop routine to determine when content is served from the cache vs content that has to be generated by WordPress
    7. Complete endpoint solution for the API Reference. See github.com/simonwheatley/wcldn-web-addresses
    8. Consider writing about these hybrid beasties: thugin, pleme, mudule, plodule, appule.
    9. Prevent stampedes during cache (re)population. See github.com/markjaquith/WP-TLC-Transients and http://t.co/KSctTHJ208
    10. Look at batcache ( prompted by George Stephanis @daljo628, @markjaquith )
    11. Switch to using herbmiller on WordPress.org more than bobbingwide / vsgloik ?
      Status: decided to stick as bobbingwide; I already had profiles.wordpress.org/herbmiller, just not used.
    12. Update jetpack.wp-a2z.com to JetPack 3.4.1
      Status: Done
    13. See where I got with the shortcode ref/ shortcake for jetpack oik-sc-help
      Status: Continued developed shortcode help and syntax. Created some issues on GitHub.
    14. Implement pagination in my


    15. Implement AJAX pagination for all my paginated shortcodes
    16. Complete new oik-clone functionality… Check up on RAMP.
      Status: Well underway. See oik-plugins.com/oik-plugins/oik-clone
    17. Get back up to speed on shortcake. Status: Upgraded to shortcode-ui
    18. Have a look at Joe Hoyle’s WP_List related TRAC
    19. Continue working on TRAC 29714 test demonstration / resting
    20. Write up my SB list for #wcldn
    21. Understand what hosting companies mean by “page hits”; WP Engine count unique IP addresses
    22. Can you use the HTML cache for AJAX requests
    23. CloneBuddy? another name for oik-clone.
      Status: Nah!
    24. Read up on posts2posts and/or storing taxonomy meta data in a shadow post type
    25. Find out how BuddyPress AJAX pagination works. Can I use this solution for my own shortcode pagination?
    26. Configure JetPack photon
    27. Get RICG Responsive Images plugin and make immage related oik shortcodes implement same logic dynamically brucelawson.github.io/talks/2015/respimg @brucel
    28. Attempt to rekindle WordUp Pompey! wp-pompey.org.uk
    29. A11y work on my shortcodes ( @coolfields )
    30. Produce an outline for oik-mudule – mu-plugin to convert plugins to modules and vice-versa (@sambalance @jacklenox )
    31. Have a look at @2ndkauboy’s plugins.



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    April 8, 2016


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