• bucket list – WordCamp Birmingham UK 2015 (#wcbrum)

    Here is my bucket list of 10 things to do before I leave WordCamp Birmingham UK 2015 ( 7-8 Feb 2015 ) on Sunday afternoon.

    1. Talk to @matt_eu, and any others interested, about github.com/fusioneng/shortcake
    2. Talk to people about WooCommerce extensions: Weight Country Shipping, Cost Country Shipping, and Variation swatches
    3. Find out about Taxamo and the VATMOSS saga
    4. See if oik-fields can play nicely with advanced-custom-fields
    5. Find out about the genesis framework
    6. Understand the best way to manage disk space used by wp_commentmeta
    7. Find out who Belinda Mostoe is and why she seems to be involved in my Contributor Day lightning talk.
      Ans: @kindatwisty… thinks it’s a mistake on the website.
    8. Get my new iPad set up so that I can use it while away on my deferred honeymoon
    9. Find out how to use PHPStorm 8 with WordPress code
    10. Feel comfortable with GitHub pull requests



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    May 14, 2015


Tide times from tidetimes.co.uk

Tide Times & Heights for Northney onTuesday, 27 July 2021
High Tide:02:23 ( 4.50m )
Low Tide:07:43 ( 0.40m )
High Tide:15:06 ( 4.60m )
Low Tide:20:03 ( 0.80m )

Tide times from tidetimes.org.uk

Tide Times & Heights for Northney on 27th July 2021
02:23 High Tide ( 4.54m )
07:43 Low Tide ( 0.44m )
15:06 High Tide ( 4.65m )
20:03 Low Tide ( 0.78m )