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Burns Night quiz – 25th January 2024

A quiz for Burns Night, which falls on the 25th January

Scottish words

Words / phrases multiple choice Answer Reference
Bairn means: Baby, Begotten, Granary, Raven Baby AI – not Granary ( Barn ), Raven ( Bourne) or Begotten ( Born )
Driech means: Brighty coloured, Depressing, Dreary and bleak, Tedious or uninteresting Not brightly coloured AI
Glaikit means: Stupid, Foolish, Thoughtless, Party outfit Not party outfit AI
Laird means: Bell bottoms, Fat for deep frying, Landowner, Tiered Landowner AI – not Flared, Lard or Layered
One of these is NOT a Scottish phrase:
Lang may yer lum reek
Yer erse is oot the windae
Haud yet wheesht
Mony a mickle maks a muckle
Ah tell ye, lad, the wee beasties dinna seem tae be nippin’ the day, d’ye ken?
The last one It was generated by AI from “I say old boy, the midges don’t seem to be biting today, don’t you know”
One point per correct answer

Scottish General Knowledge

Scottish General Knowledge Answer Reference
When was the Loch Ness monster first sighted?
505, 1871, 1888, 1933
505 Wikipedia
Where is the home of the deep fried Mars bar?
Carron Fish Bar, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire
The Wee Chippy, Anstruther, Fife
Blue Lagoon, Glasgow
Carron Fish Bar
AI. Google search showed that TWC was best chippy 2023,
BL is famous for deep fried pizza
Match the name to the tartan:
A. Royal Stewart, B. Scotland Forever, C. Burns Check, D. Peggy Lee, E. Aye Gordon
1. 2. Generate a tartan called Aye Gordon using the colours: red, yellow, pink, green purple, orange and blue. Choose your own widths for the stripes 3. 4. 5.
Bonus point for identifying the real tartans.
A 3, B 4, C 1, D 5, E 2 2 of the tartans were invented. Peggy Lee was created using the colour: red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue. And Aye Gordon was created by AI using the same colours.
One point per correct answer
Itemise the ingredients of Haggis Answers – up to 10 Reference
Sheep’s heart, liver and lights ( lungs ), onion, oatmeal, suet, salt, pepper, water, spices. Plus sheep’s stomach for the casing.
One point per correct answer

On this day – 25th January

Year Clue Who/what is it? Reference
1533 Married: King Henry VIII secretly married the mother of Queen Elizabeth I.
Who was she?
Anne Boleyn AI
1759 Born: Famous Scottish poet in Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland Robert Burns AI
1915 The first transcontinental telephone service.
Someone in New York spoke to Thomas Watson in San Francisco.
Who made the call?
Alexander Graham Bell AI
1924 Where: First winter Olympics in the French alps.
Which resort?
Chamonix AI
1971 Who was convicted in LA of the murder of Sharon Tate and six others. Charles Manson AI
On point per correct answer

Scottish film posters

Shallow Grave Braveheart Gregory’s Girl Greyfriar’s Bobby Local Hero
Rob Roy Sunshine on Leith T2 Trainspotting The Wicker Man Whisky Galore
Your answers – film titles – 1 point per film

Tie breaker questions on the number 25

Which of these are true? Answer Reference
Manganese, atomic number 25, is a crucial element for human health True AI
If you dialled a number starting +25 you would be calling Egypt False. It’s Mozambique. Egypt is 20 AI
XXVX is twenty five in Roman numerals False. It’s XXV AI
Scots have 25 words for snow False – they have 421! AI
You can theoretically solve a Rubic’s cube from any position in 25 moves or less True – actually been proven to be 20 AI
One point per correct answer

To a Haggis, by Robert Burns

Translated into British English by my AI tool.