• Genesis [Read more…] links on archive pages

    With the Genesis Theme Framework, on the “blog” page (Content Archives), what you get to see depends on the values for the Content Archives fields in Genesis > Theme Settings.

    For the Display field the choices are Entry content or Entry excerpts.

    Here we’re looking at whether or not a [Read more…] link will be shown.

    With Entry content and default logic

    • If you set a character limit then the ellipsis ( … ) before the Read more link is always shown, regardless of the length of the actual content.
    • Limiting the Entry content to n characters can break shortcodes.

    With Entry excerpts and default logic

    • Neither the Read more link nor preceding ellipsis is displayed.
    • To see more you need to click on the heading.
    • A manual Excerpt trumps an excerpt created from the content.
    • If you have neither a manual excerpt nor a more tag then you get the full content.

    Summary table

    Display Limit content to <!–more –> Read more link?
    Entry content 0 = unlimited
    Entry content 0 = unlimited
    Entry content n characters < actual content n/a
    Entry content n characters = actual content n/a
    Entry content n characters > actual content n/a
    Entry excerpts n/a
    Entry excerpts n/a


    If you want the [Read more…] link, then the best way is

    • Set the Display to Entry content.
    • Limit content to 0 characters.
    • Manually include a <!--more--> tag where you want the Read more to appear.
    • Note however that Genesis seems to ignore an attempt to manually set the text for the read more link.
    • Ensure there are no spaces between more and -->.


    Last updated:

    April 13, 2016


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