• H2GD Part 16.17: excerpts for pages

    H2GD Part 16.17: excerpts for pages

    This page is about “excerpts for pages” One of my customers was having some challenges with the [bw_code bw_pages] shortcode where it was pulling in too much information from before the <!--more --> tag. I suggested using a hand written excerpt. But then I realised that the ‘page’ post_type doesn’t include support for Excerpt fields.

    I ummed and aahed about adding it to the oik base plugin before deciding to create a new oik-post-type-support plugin. Although the only thing that it does right now is to add post type support of Excerpt to pages add_post_type_support( 'page', 'excerpt' ); I have plans to extend it to be able to support a range of custom post types. Then there’s other things that can be added.

    I’ve already discovered a few side effects with just this one line of code, so while I’m waiting for something else to finish I thought I’d start writing them down.

    1. Excerpts don’t go away when the plugin is deactivated – so an uninstall routine may be needed
    2. If you use [bw_pages] to list pages within a blog post then you can get more than one More link.

    I’ve yet to perform the problem determination for these problems.

    Meanwhile the plugin is available for FREE download from oik-plugins: oik-post-type-support.

    Update May 2015… nowadays I use the oik-types plugin. It’s more complex but has far more capability.


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    May 14, 2015

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