• H2GD Part 25: 15 projects for #wcukretreat 2013

    H2GD Part 25: 15 projects for #wcukretreat 2013

    Even though I can’t attend WordCamp Lancaster UK 2013 this year I’m interested in the retreat. It’ll give me a chance to mix with people who speak my language. So, assuming I’m going to go, what shall I try to do while there?

    The idea is to get involved: talks, workshops, training, creative hacking and some general tech/geek fun.

    For instance, Jonny Allbut is interested in Responsive Web Design (RWD) for his Wonderflux theme framework.

    And Kimb may be preparing for his Wow Plugins presentation, like he did last year.

    So what can I bring to the party?

    Show and tell

    1. WordPress trace facility – including action and filter tracing ( http://www.oik-plugins.com/oik-plugins/oik-bwtrace-debug-trace-for-wordpress/ )
    2. Dynamic documentation and call tree navigation using the oik shortcode and API server http://www.oik-plugins.com/oik-plugins/oik-shortcode-server/
    3. With the APIs being loaded using my homegrown “batch” facility ( not currently documented )


    Were the retreat to last a lifetime then here’s the list of projects I’d want to complete. As it is, some in depth discussions with the right people should help guide me on my way

    I’ve identified at least fifteen reasonably sized, reasonably complex projects.

    1. Content cloning / syndication – retaining underlying CPT references
    2. WordPress Quite Interesting
    3. Premium plugin catalog – Merge “premium plugins” with cookie cat’s plugins
    4. Replace the bobbingwide website – migrate from Drupal to WordPress
    5. Create a jQuery plugin catalog service for WordPress
    6. Create a better method for discovering and documenting actions and filters
    7. oik I18N – the lazy way
    8. oik-help – installable guide to help new WordPress users do things on their site.
    9. Understand oauth and other authentication services (needed for 1. )
    10. Develop a cacheing msoft plugin, with large window size screenshots
    11. Multi Country pricing for EDD
    12. Easy shipping plugin by country for Woo Commerce ( if awd-weightcountry-shipping not suitable)
    13. Better documentation for WordPress themes: 2011, 2013 and 2013
    14. Shortcode catalog
    15. Better documentation of hooks and filters

    Which of these would be most suited to a retreat?

    Alternatively, I could take a trip to Blackpool.

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