• H2GD Part 33: WordPress UK contributor day

    Even though I have been a microsponsor of both WordCamps held in the UK this year (2013) my attendance record has been pretty poor.

    • In July I needed to be in Windsor for my wife’s son’s stag weekend.
    • Just recently I’ve been otherwise engaged in France.

    In H2GD Part 32: Battling Akismet on make.wordpress.org, I recorded how quickly my “spam” comment was consigned to the bit bucket. In this video we see uk.wpcontributorday.com doing the opposite.

    I don’t know what @missjwo was alluding to in her TODO item #2. Sort out Akismet but I’d rather it was neither of these behaviours.

    Anyway, that’s an aside. What I really want to do is to document a couple of items I’d like to see being attacked/addressed at a contributor day.

    Had I been able to attend WordCamp London’s contributor day, there were at least 3 things that I’d have liked to have worked on.

    wpautop and shortcodes

    There are a number of filter functions that implement the_content. The ones that really mess things are are those that bugger about (technical term) with the HTML around shortcodes: wpautop, shortcode_unautop.

    Without a clear statement of the full requirements the fixes that we see being offered often fix one thing but break a whole lot more. I think it’s probably time to revisit the whole of “the_content” filtering. My experience of working around the current filters has been pretty unsatisfactory.

    Restoring autosaves of CPTs

    I’m probably doing it wrong but I’ve noticed that restoring autosaves of CPT’s is not working for me.

    • It offers to restore them but fails to do so.
    • and I don’t think I’ve even got revision support defined.
    • I’ve not had time to check if this problem is already known in trac.

    wp-parser for hooks – actions and filters

    In a nutshell, I want to better understand how to produce links to official WordPress documentation. AND I want a parser that can detect:

    • function invocation of callbacks
    • invocation of dynamically defined hooks
    • invocation of OO methods
    • invocation of inline – immediately executed – code

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