• H2GD Part 37: Fighting unruly plugin upgrades – WooCommerce and All In One Event Calendar

    Over the last couple of days I’ve had a couple of site failures. The first was when I upgraded WooCommerce to 2.1 and the AWD Weight shipping plugin stopped working. The second was when All In One Events Calendar upgraded itself to a back level version and started producing fatal errors – again. This briefly documents my experiences.

    WooCommerce and shipping by weight and country

    Changes in WooCommerce 2.1 caused the awd-weightcountry-shipping plugin to stop working.

    It produced Warning messages when you added products to the cart and could not determine shipping costs.

    There is a new plugin: woocommerce-apg-weight-and-postcodestatecountry-shipping

    • Apparently it was built from the AWD Weight Shipping plugin.
    • BUT it only works with WooCommerce 2.1.x or above; it produces a Fatal error on WooCommerce 2.0
    • I tried switching but it didn’t retain the settings for the AWD weight shipping plugin.
    • BUT some people say they have switched plugins successfully.

    My current option…

    Do nothing. Do NOT upgrade to WooCommerce 2.1. Wait until WooCommerce / AWD Weight shipping sort themselves out.

    All In One Events Calendar upgraded to a back level version – AGAIN

    In October 2013 the standard version of the ai1ec plugin upgraded itself to the Lite version from WordPress.org ( all-in-one-event-calendar ) causing Fatal errors.

    • A recent upgrade did a similar thing
    • So we now get
      Fatal error:  Class 'Ai1ec_Time_Utility' not found in 
      wp-content/themes-ai1ec/vortex/agenda-widget.php on line 20
    • On their website Timely say that they’ve taken steps to prevent this happening again.
    • http://time.ly/an-update-on-2-0-and-the-last-timely-1-x-release/
    • They suggest re-installing 1.10.9-Standard
    • The version you get if you attempt to download 1.10.9-Standard is 1.10.11

    My current option…

    I’ve reverted to 1.10.9-Standard, by re-installing from a backup.

    Unfortunately, I made the mistake of deleting the plugin using the WordPress admin. It deleted all the data as well.

    I recreated a future event to demonstrate that the reinstalled plugin works. Then I tried using WordPress export/import for all the others. The manually created event is OK. The imported events caused the site to crash.

    I’ll be having another look for an events plugin.

    Since the calendar display is not a major requirement for me I may just roll my own solution.

    Keep an eye open for my new plugin: oik-dates which enhances the [bw_related] shortcode from oik-fields.




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