• H2GD Part 46: Migrate to the Genesis Framework

    H2GD Part 46: Migrate to the Genesis Framework

    In this blog post I mention some of the tasks I needed to perform in order to migrate oik-plugins.com to the Genesis framework.


    I’ve written a new premium plugin: oik-weightcountry-shipping-pro.

    My wife said I should market it better. So I thought about the oik-plugins home page and decided it was high time to change it, but first I’d need to update the theme, which was developed using the Artisteer framework.

    I first started using Artisteer when I was very new to both WordPress.org and Drupal.

    Over the last 4 years I’ve made quite a few customizations to make the theme do something like what I want it to do. Now that I’m using the Genesis framework I hope to make it much better.



    Pre-requisite tasks

    1. Spend some time learning about the Genesis framework
    2. Make sure you have a complete backup
    3. Plan your work
    4. Be prepared for a few hiccups

    While performing the work

    • Work on a local clone of the site
    • Document everything you do
    • Take your time

    Work to perform

    • Create a new home page

    Work performed

    • Updated oik options to allow the [bw_accordion] shortcode use the jQuery-UI custom CSS of your choice.
    • Developed updates for the following plugins: oik-plugins, oik-themes, oik-types.
    • Developed a fix for the Genesis 2.1.2 framework; copied from 2.2-beta2 version
    • Developed a fix for the genesis-beta-tester plugin
    • Developed an alternative to the genesis-visual-hooks plugin
    • Developed a filter for the EDD cart display of the featured image

    Migrate to a staging site

    • Fix the widget mess
    • Update custom.css for widgets
    • Update jQuery-UI custom css
    • Apply custom post type overrides using oik-types
    • <

    Migrate to another staging site

    Basically repeat the same work as before, with a few improvements in the process

    • Export the Genesis options and import into the new site

    Test on the staging site(s)

    • Test with all the plugins you’re going to use.

    Migrate to the live site

    • Take another backup
    • Apply the updates
    • Take another backup

    Test on the live site

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    July 23, 2015


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