• H2GD Part 42: Battling 100% CPU performance issues

    I’ve had some performance issues on one of my sites. In this post I discuss some of the solutions to the problems; determining the cause, then applying the pragmatic fix.



    I’ve been on vacation for nearly a month. While I was away it was reported that the performance of oik-plugins.com was pretty dire; it was displaying 508 – resource limit exceeded messages to visitors.

    When I got back I decided to track down and attempt to fix the problems. I probably didn’t approach the problem in the most sensible order, so it took me a while to get the system back to some semblance of normality.

    Analysis chronology

    This is a sanitised version of my analysis of the site’s performance from 13th to 15th March, 2015.

    • Initially, having played with Interconnect IT’s wp-performance-profiler plugin on a local server, I tried running my improved version.
    • But with the CPU at 100% I was getting nowhere fast.
    • Nearly all transactions were taking between 10 and 20 seconds.
    • And when advanced logging was enabled things got significantly worse, partly due to the overhead of the extra processing for each tick.
    • Instead I decided to look at the total execution time of each transaction and compare the results with the sister site(s) oik-plugins.co.uk and oik-plugins.uk.
    • Using oik-bwtrace plugin (v1.22) I enabled the logic to write a record of summary information for each completed transaction to a log file, on both oik-plugins.com and oik-plugins.co.uk
    • After a while I downloaded the files and compared the results.
    • I then did a bit of yak shaving, analysing a long term problem with my bw_plug shortcode.
    • Having deactivated the shortcode I continued the analysis.
    • Things hadn’t got any better so I decided to deactivate some plugins. Still no improvement.
    • I then produced a summary of the transaction log, counting the requests to a particular URI and measuring the average response.
    • The results for the top 15 most requested URIs were intriguing; nothing like the Most popular posts identified by Jetpack. The most accessed top level URI accounted for 38%. The top 15 accounted for nearly 96% of the total requests, with 6% of the requests equating to spam.
    • Analysis of the access log for the same period showed that nearly all of the non-spam requests were coming from Microsoft’s bingbot
    • It was time to remove bingbot from the equation.
    • And given that the spam requests ended up on the 404 page, which on average was taking twice as long as a bingbot request, these needed to be dealt with as well.
    • I created a number of 301 redirects. It didn’t take long for the CPU usage to drop dramatically
    • I’ve finally re-stabilised the system, and can now start a proper analysis.

    Summary of symptoms

    Severity Problem How detected?
    Critical 100% CPU cPanel resource usage
    V.high Long running transactions Summary trace log – summarised
    High Too many queries Summary trace log – summarised
    High transactions not logged? Probable misconception!

    Summary of fixes

    Problem Fix Results
    bingbot hogging resources 301 redirects reduced CPU leading to improved response
    spam requests 301 redirects reduced CPU leading to improved response
    data not cached temporarily disable reduced execution time
    unnecessary plugins deactivate not yet measured
    wp-super-cache configured incorrectly Update configuration not yet measured
    longish running queries temporarily disabled reduced execution time

    Details for these fixes may be published in the future. Meanwhile I’m seriously considering upgrading hosting. I’m going to run head to head performance comparisons of the site using 3 different hosting solutions:

    1. Current hosting
    2. WP Engine – which I’ve been using since November 2015
    3. SiteGround – set up today

    Further reading

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    March 16, 2015

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