• I am banned from roller skating in IBM North Harbour

    A few years after they joined Phases 1 and 2 (F) with Phase 3 (E), by constructing building’s A to D, they introduced an automatic badge locked door at the end of D Ground. It was through this door that late departers or weekend workers could gain access to the building. As I a) worked in building F and b) did not yet have a home computer I often worked late into the night and even popped in at the weekends. I reduced my journey time within the buildings by roller skating the corridors. I could get up quite a speed on the smooth floors but had to stop quickly at the fire doors at between F and A and A and R since they only swung one way. It wasn’t long before a jobsworth security guard contacted my Manager (John “Superstar” Cowell) to tell me I was not allowed to roller skate in the offices for H&S reasons.

    I while later, I learnt that any easy way to get out of the building was through Goods Inwards. One night two of us attempted to depart by this route only to find our way blocked by the shutters being down. We could not get back into the building as our badges didn’t operate the nearest door. Eventually we called Security.

    “Hello Mr Miller”, said jobsworth. “I assume Mr Anderson is still there with you. Do you want to be let back in then?”



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    September 28, 2009

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