• IBM retirement age ( 63 ) – I’ve reached it!

    At the age of 63, IBM retirement age, I am now intentionally winding down towards full retirement, from paid work, in four three years time.

    On the 30th July, 2021, I reached the age of 63; 21 again again. Had I remained employed at IBM to this date I would have reached the C Plan Normal retirement age, after 42 years of full time work. So now I’m thinking, “when should I actually retire?”

    Having started at IBM at a fairly young age, fresh out of university, I’d achieved 25 years full time at IBM by 2004. Five years later I retired. It was an unplanned early retirement. Consequently, I took a reduced pension. A few months later I started Bobbing Wide, and have been a self -(un)employed web developer ever since.

    I haven’t done much paid work in the last couple of years. I still host a number of sites for clients, and manage their upgrades and domain renewals. Since I need to pay for the hosting and domains used by myself and family members, more money goes out than comes in.

    I can’t just drop everything and walk away. I’d like to hand some things over to someone else. Then I can continue to enjoy my rather expensive hobby of developing WordPress plugins and themes, and supporting the WordPress community in and around Portsmouth.

    I’ve got 3 years ( not 4 as originally stated ) until I can claim a state pension. I guess I’ll continue winding down the work until then.

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    October 18, 2021


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