• Inateck BK2003 – what do the keys do?

    I bought an Inateck BK2003 for my iPad recently.

    For those of you with a UK keyboard, here’s what some of the keys do when augmented by alt.

    BTW: I copied these tables from Logitech Ultrathin keyboard – which I created when I was looking for the hash ( # ) key to create a Twitter hash tag. alt-3.

    123456 – Top row

    Character Keys For – not the official term
    | alt-` vertical bar
    ¡ alt-1 inverted exclamation
    alt-2 Euro symbol
    # alt-3 hash character
    alt-4 Euro symbol
    alt-5 infinity symbol
    § alt-6 section symbol
    alt-7 paragraph symbol
    alt-8 bullet
    ª alt-9 superscript a
    º alt-0 superscript o or 0
    alt– ndash?
    –≠ alt-= not equals

    qwerty row

    Character Keys For
    œ alt-q œ ligature or diaresis
    alt-w Sigma
    ´ alt-e forward tick
    ® alt-r Registered Trade mark
    alt-t cross sign
    ¥ alt-y Yen currency symbol
    ¨ alt-u umlaut
    ^ alt-i caret
    ø alt-0 crossed out o
    π alt-p PI symbol
    alt-[ right double quote
    alt-] right single quote
    # alt-# hash

    asdfgh row

    Character Keys For
    å alt-a a with circle
    ß alt-s beta symbol
    alt-d delta symbol
    ƒ alt-f function symbol
    © alt-g Copyright symbol
    ˙ alt-h high dot
    alt-j capital delta
    ˚ alt-k high circle
    ¬ alt-l maths not sign
    alt-; ellipsis
    æ alt-‘ ae ligature

    Use alt-shift-key to have more fun
    e.g. alt-shift-k gives 

    zxcvbn row


    Character Keys For
    alt- back tick
    Ω alt-z omega symbol
    alt-x approximately equal
    ç alt-c c cedilla
    alt-v maths root
    alt-b maths sum
    ~ alt-n not symbol
    µ alt-m mu symbol
    alt-< less than or equal
    alt-> greater than or equal
    ÷ alt-/ division sign

    Cursor movement

    And once you’ve found the right keys to press, moving the cursor around in the content is a lot easier than attempting to position the cursor by pointing.

    Keys Movement
    alt-→ word right
    alt-← word left
    ctrl-uparrow; start
    ctrl-downarrow; end

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January 28, 2020


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