• Lorum ipsum my arse

    Lorum ipsum my arse

    Have you seen websites which contain a load of Latin looking text where the designer hasn’t known what to put.

    Wouldn’t it be nicer if there were some words which indicated the gist of the content but were clearly not the final ones.

    Well now there’s a plugin that could possibly help… bbboing

    When he found the ball Lorum Ipsum were not the first words that came to mind

    [bbboing text=”Why write lorum ipsum when you could write something a little more useful” ]


    What’s wrong with this idea?

    Two things spring to mind instantly.

    1. Just using the [[bbboing]] shortcode won’t “Lorum ipsumify” all the other content.
    2. The prototype version, which is not yet available for download, (so that’s 3) doesn’t have an option to return the ‘bbboing’ed text on its own.

    Anything else about that?

    OK, so ‘bbboing’ might not be the world’s most useful bit of code, but it has been a wonderful experiment demonstrating how quickly I could develop a WordPress plugin using the latest bleeding edge version of the oik plugin and its application programming interface.





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