• Multi rate weight zone shipping for WooCommerce 2.6 v0.1.0 now available

    Over the past few weeks I’ve been updating the premium version of my WooCommerce weight zone shipping extension. oik-weight-zone-shipping-pro v0.1.0 is now available from oik-plugins.com. This version has three enhancements: support for WPML and WooCommerce MultiLingual, support for shipping classes, and a self update capability.

    The support for WPML and WooCommerce MultiLingual came about after a customer from Greece reported difficulty getting the Method title override logic to produce the expected results. It transpired that the key being used to translate the field was not unique.

    The support for shipping classes was a response to another customer’s request. They wanted to be able to prevent certain products from being shipped to particular destinations. I added logic that would allow you to restrict use of a shipping method to a particular set of shipping classes.

    The self update capability was the bit that took the longest. In order to be able to deliver updates to the plugin I needed to extract my existing plugin update logic from the oik base plugin and make it available in shared PHP libraries. I also had to ensure that it would not break sites which already had the existing code. I also needed to extract the theme update logic… preparing to deliver updates to my Genesis child themes.

    I learnt a few things on the way, most trivial of which was there are at least two idioms similar to “taking Coals to Newcastle”. I knew you shouldn’t try “selling ice to Eskimos”, but didn’t know “bringing Owls to Athens”.

    So if you can just let all your friends know that there’s a super new version of my Multi rate weight zone shipping plugin for WooCommerce 2.6+ I’d be most grateful.

    And you might also want to mention that there’s a new version of the Single rate weight zone shipping plugin for WooCommerce 2.6 as well; it fixes a problem preventing you from creating multiple shipping methods per zone.


    BTW: I’m aware of a couple of problems in WooCommerce and their associated workarounds.



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