• My Favourite Block

    My Favourite Block

    I wrote this poem, entitled “My Favourite Block”, for a lightning talk that I prepared for the February 2019 WordPress Portsmouth Meetup.

    Hello, my name's Herb Miller
    I am a WordPress fan
    I'd like to tell you how I write
    in the only way I can

    Things, they are much simpler now
    I've just to cast a spell
    and the Gutenberg block editor
    creates H T M L

    I used to write HTML
    but now my content rocks
    ever since WordPress "Bebo" - 5
    I've been constructing blocks.

    If I'm writing blogs
    I reckon more than half
    the blocks that I will use
    will be the paragraph

    I can style them left or right
    with bold and i-tal-ics
    and introduce hypertext links
    right into the mix.

    A dropcap at the start,
    colour from behind
    and varying sized fonts
    that my readers may not mind.

    But if I'm writing lots
    to break up what you're reading
    I won't forget to use
    an in-form-a-tive heading.

    A simple way to create content
    that I don't want to be missed
    Is to write my sentences
    in an unordered list

    pictures are 1,000 words
    jpegs are all the rage
    So in between the wordy bits
    I use a nice image.

    So you like words and images
    I wonder what comes next
    You won't be all that surprised then
    by Media and Text.

    Not everybody reads that quick
    and even the boy racer
    will welcome a vertical gap
    so why not use a spacer.

    some things you need to see right now
    and some you might read later
    time to make use of the block
    that's called the separator.

    I may want to point my readers
    to something I have read
    a good way to achieve this
    is to use an embed.

    So I've got a table.
    It appears to me
    the way that I'd present it
    straight from the CSV.

    And now I've got this content
    but it looks a mess
    I'd love to be able to style it
    with some inline CSS

    A little bit of source code's
    much easier to see
    when it's syntax highlighted
    with that tool that's called GeSHi

    So I need to give directions
    I don't get in a flap
    I give them my Address
    and a fancy Google Map

    If you want to contact me
    Pretty much the norm
    There are over 20 plugins
    that help me build the form

    I don't punish my visitors
    By brandishing the birch
    I let them find things easily
    by offering a Search

    A countdown timer's all I need
    to let you know just when
    something is going to happen
    or how long it's been since then

    When I want to make you act
    a better there is nuttin'
    than a super duper, you can't bend it
    call to action button.

    If I want you to download stuff
    it should only take a while
    to realise the block to use
    is simply labelled File.

    Many blocks are similar
    to choose we all take sides
    But some are really unique
    For example UK Tides

    You all may have noticed
    I could have done no worse
    than to write this little poem
    in the block entitled Verse

    Creativity is paramount
    That's obvious to me
    I couldn't wait to write therefore
    Magnetic Poetry

    ... I could say that my favourite block
    Is taken from this set
    The truth is that it's out there
    I just haven't found it yet.

    (C) Herb Miller 2019

    Here's another entry
    It came in rather late
    My favourite's not a block at all
    It's a new post template

    The one that's truly horrid
    In columns it's a crock
    I use shortcodes all the time
    But avoid the shortcode block.


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