herb miller

WordPress plugin specialist

My Favourite Theme

WordPress has supported a Themes System since 2005.

The first default theme was called Kubrick.

Since then thousands of themes have been developed. Over 8,500 are available from wordpress.org/themes

There are many more. Some of them you can buy fairly cheaply. But there are also countless custom themes, developed by individuals and agencies, that provide the look and feel of millions of WordPress sites.

So which is my favourite?

I’ve used bundled themes 
since year twenty ten
and I have to admit, 
I did like some of them
There's 8 thousand more
in the repository
so many to choose from
and all of them free
But why do we say
“No freebies for me,
I'll buy premium themes
with a year's licence fee"?
Well, most have a builder
that makes it a breeze
to construct your pages
with consummate ease
But these fat bloated themes
with a ton of jQuery
make your site run real slow
and your visitors weary
They look nice in demos
and on the front page
Yet we're made to wait
for what seems like an age
But lo, there's good news
just you wait and see
for fast block based themes
that are called F S E
With templates and parts 
and patterns galore
and dynamic queries
and oh so much more
It’s coming with techno
designed to get smiles
No CSS needed
when you've got Global Styles.
It isn't quite there yet
but I am proud to say

that I've tried Full Site Editing
and it's going to stay
I've many more themes 
that I want to replace
I just have to find
the time and the space
So I think you'll agree,
it's a pretty safe bet
that my favourite theme...
Well, it's not written yet! 


I now have my favourite, 
I think I am smitten. 
I didn't a while ago; 
But, right now, it's "Written".