• oik-shortcake: A new UI for creating oik shortcodes using shortcake

    oik-shortcake: A new UI for creating oik shortcodes using shortcake

    There is a plugin called shortcake, available from GitHub, which has been touted as an easier way to create shortcodes.


    The shortcake UI plugin provides a user interface for interacting with shortcodes.

    In some respects it’s similar to the oik shortcode generation logic, which has been in the oik base plugin since v0.3 ( Feb 2011 ).

    But the main difference is the way it behaves when you’re using the Visual editor. It attempts to expand the shortcodes and display a preview.

    I’ve been working with the plugin to see how and when to integrate oik based shortcodes with the shortcake UI.

    On the whole the results have been promising.


    But I have quite a few requirements, which I’ll need to raise, and possibly help develop, before I’m satisfied with the solution.


    This is a summary of the requirements I intend to raise against shortcake. I’m going to publish this post now, then change each list item to a link when I’ve raised the issue.

    1. Display shortcode help and name on Insert Post Element Issue:120
    2. Support more options than dashicons for “images” Issue:121
    3. Treat default values differently from placeholder Issue:122 – CLOSED – invalid; my programming error.
    4. Single or multiple post selection list Issue:123
    5. Deferred loading of shortcode list, syntax and selection lists Issue:124
    6. Don’t process nested content Issue:126
    7. No preview for some codes Issue:127
    8. Support positional (unnamed) parameters Issue:128
    9. Enclosed shortcodes Issue:129
    10. Extended select – alternate parameter values Issue:130
    11. TinyMCE button / Quicktag rather than Add Media Issue:131
    12. Ability to mark parameters as required Issue:132
    13. Support parameter name aliases Issue:133
    14. Support plugin extensions to the shortcode parameters Issue:134
    15. Support parameters which may also be ‘content’ Issue:135
    16. Control sort sequence of shortcodes Issue:136
    17. Filter / search mechanism for shortcodes Issue:137
    18. Incorporate “catalog” functionality, similar to the oik shortcode server Issue:138
    19. Examples – can’t be bothered to raise this one.

    See also

    My prototype work is available for download from oik-plugins and Github

    • oik v2.5-alpha.0130 or higher is required for integration with shortcake
    • bbboing – demonstrates a textarea field

    I’m still working on support for other shortcodes




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    February 2, 2015


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