• oik v4.0.0 finally released

    It’s been nearly 9 years since I first released my oik plugin to wordpress.org

    Today, after many months of procrastination I finally released another update. oik v4.0.0 now embraces the block editor.

    Well, it delivers a number of blocks; 6 in total, though wordpress.org only detected 5.

    Address – oik/address
    Displays your address from oik-options
    Contact form – oik/contact-form
    Displays a Contact form
    Countdown – oik/countdown
    Countdown timer
    Follow me – oik/follow-me
    Displays Social media links
    Google Maps – oik/googlemap
    Displays a Google Maps map using oik options
    Shortcode block for oik-shortcodes – oik/shortcode-block
    Expands oik shortcodes

    Examples for each block

    The original shortcode is shown on the left. The equivalent block on the right.

    41 Redhill Road
    Rowlands Castle
    PO9 6DE


    A variety of simple block shortcodes. e.g. [bw_copyright]

    © Copyright herb miller 2012-2021. All rights reserved.

    Further reading

    The blocks are documented in their home site and in the WordPress Blocks reference.

    • These blocks were originally developed in the oik-blocks plugin.
    • oik-blocks plugin’s blocks are being forked to their relevant plugins, some of which are on wordpress.org
    Plugin name and description Plugin links Version, total downloads, last update, tested
    lazy smart shortcodes for your WordPress website

    October 8, 2021
    Internal CSS styling

    September 11, 2021
    UK tides – heights and times

    September 11, 2021

    Other plugins are only available from oik-plugins.com

    oik-bob-bing-wide – delivers 5 blocks

    CSV – oik-bbw/csv
    Displays CSV content
    Dashicon – oik-bbw/dashicon
    Displays icons
    GitHub Issue – oik-bbw/github
    Display a link to a GitHub issue
    Search – oik-bbw/search
    Displays a search form
    WordPress – oik-bbw/wp
    Displays information about WordPress and PHP versions

    oik-magnetic-poetry – delivers 1 block

    Magnetic Poetry – oik-mp/magnetic-poetry
    Write magnetic poetry refrigerator messages




    Last updated:

    January 31, 2020


Tide times from tidetimes.co.uk

Tide Times & Heights for Northney on
Friday, 15 October 2021

Tide times from tidetimes.org.uk

Tide Times & Heights for Northney on
15th October 2021
00:53 Low Tide ( 1.54m )
08:03 High Tide ( 3.76m )
13:29 Low Tide ( 1.67m )
20:34 High Tide ( 3.66m )