• PayPal button block in oik v4.8.0

    I’m getting ready to release oik v4.8.0 to the general public.

    This version contains a new block called PayPal button. It implements the logic of the paypal shortcode as a block.

    I wrote this post to test whether or not the block requires any styling. On oik-plugins I’d found that I needed to remove the border being applied to input controls. In this site it was also necessary to prevent images stretching to fill 100% width.

    I realised I needed some CSS applied to the block.

    • I implemented this in the block’s style.scss file.
    • For CSS specificity this required the HTML for the button to be wrapped using get_block_wrapper_attributes().
    • This entailed a co-requisite change to block.json to set supports.className to true.
    • And to ensure the style-paypal.css file is enqueued when the PayPal button block is used.
    /* Remove the border from around a PayPal button. */
    .wp-block-oik-paypal form input[type="image"] {
      border: none;
      width: auto;


    Last updated:

    April 8, 2022


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