• Today’s Word Is This: Foodle Wordle answers revisited

    Today’s Word Is This: Foodle Wordle answers revisited

    A couple of weeks ago, as I was copying my previous answer for food-le.com, I noticed that the answers for foodle-wordle.io had also started repeating. I’ve now had 15 Genius’s in a row.

    Even though I’ve made the game rather pointless, I’m going to keep on doing both food-le.com and foodlewordle.io since:

    1. There are some dates that I missed last year.
    2. I want to find out what happens on the 29th February – for foodlewordle.io
    3. And I’m hoping that one day both games will change their list of words.

    You’ll also notice that my crib sheet at Foodle answers – my food-le.com crib sheet only goes up to October 2023. Also that my answers for foodlewordle.io are only recorded until June.

    Well, the good or bad news ( take your pick ), is that I’ve written a routine that will display a “prediction” for the anwers for the sites based on the known sequence of answers starting from a particular date. It’s implemented as a WordPress shortcode named [bw_code twit] which stands for “Today’s word is this”.

    So here are my predictions:


    Yesterday’s word for food-le.com was: herbs

    Today’s word for food-le.com is: maize

    Tomorrow’s word for food-le.com is: sushi


    Yesterday’s word for foodlewordle.io was: melon

    Today’s word for foodlewordle.io is: puree

    Tomorrow’s word for foodlewordle.io will be: crimp


    • The plugin is available at bobbingwide/oik-twit
    • For those days where I didn’t log foodlewordle’s answer the value will be ?mmdd where mmdd is the date.
    • There’s no guarantee that the results will be correct.
    • Please keep your source of the predictions secret.
    • Well, at least until you’ve won enough money from your pals with bets on your predictions for tomorrow’s word.


    Last updated:

    February 1, 2024

Today’s word is this:







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