• Welcome to Alfie Gordon Wicks

    Welcome to Alfie Gordon Wicks

    Welcome to Alfie Gordon Wicks.

    Alfie is an Aussie,
    but not quite through and through. 
    His Aussie mummy's Scottish,
    and his daddy's British too.
    He started being Aussie 
    while in his mummy's tum.
    He knew about being upside down
    and other things to come.
    So he turned himself around, 
    which made the midwives screech
    "Oh bloody Nora Rachel, 
    your baby's lying breech."
    "We'll have to try an ECV
    and if he doesn't stay 
    then he may arrive into the world 
    in the Caesarean way."
    Fair dinkum thought the baby.
    Just like a kangaroo, 
    I'll exit through the cat flap,
    and that'll have to do.
    So early Saturday morning
    Alfie popped out to say.
    "G'day Sheila and g'day Bruce,
    is the surfing good today?"
    Alfie Gordon Wicks
    now lives by the sea,
    with his mum and dad and surfboards,
    and bits of chopped down tree.
    He's got some relatives abroad 
    and hopes to meet them soon,
    Not in March, April nor May
    but July or even June.
    I bet his cousins A and I 
    would really like to go
    to meet the entire entourage
    arriving at Heathrow.
    But if that thought does not pan out
    a warm welcome is planned;
    with fresh shrimps on the barbie
    and a cold one in the hand.
    So, welcome to this world Alfie.
    It's going to be lots of fun.
    Living in Maroubra...
    Rachel and Michael's son.
    (C) Copyright Herb Miller 2022


    • ECV = External Cephalic Version
    • Kangaroos give birth to jellybean sized babies, which have to crawl to the pouch.
    • It’s probably fair to say that Alfie didn’t spend much time considering how he’d be born.
    • And also that he doesn’t yet know what a cat flap is.
    • A = Ava, I = Isla
    • Alfie Gordon Wicks was born on 19th March 2022 at 2:02 am.
    • Weight: 7 lbs 4 oz.
    • Mother: Rachel Cowe
    • Father: Michael Wicks

    See also: Welcome to Ava Mae Cowe, Welcome to Isla Ruby Cowe.



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    March 29, 2022

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