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WordPress 20th anniversary quiz

A quiz for WordPress’s 20th birthday on the 27th of May 2023. This quiz was the subject of the in-person WordPress Portsmouth Meetup on Wed 24th May 2023.

General knowledge

Question Answer Reference
Which element is atomic number 20 Calcium wikipedia
What does 20/20 vision mean? Normal at 20ft wikipedia
What are the numbers adjacent to 20 on a dartboard? 5 & 1 wikipedia
If you dialled a number starting +20 where would you be calling? Egypt wikipedia
What is twenty in Roman numerals? XX wikipedia
What can you theoretically solve in no more than 20 moves? A Rubic’s cube http://www.cube20.org/
What country has the ISO 3166-1 code 020? Andorra wikipedia
One point per correct answer

On this day – 27th May

Year Clue Who/what is it? Reference
1911 Born: American horror actor. The Abominable Dr Phibes, Thriller Vincent Price
1922 Born: English actor. Count Dracula in Hammer Horror films Christopher Lee
1975 Born: Naked celebrity chef Jamie Oliver
1977 Sex Pistols release… God Save the Queen
1930 Which of these was granted a patent: Jukebox, Pyrex Glass, Masking Tape. Masking Tape ( 3M )
On point per correct answer

2003 film titles

Big Fish Finding Nemo Johhny English Kill Bill Volume 1 Lost in Translation
Love Actually Pirates of the Caribbean – The curse of the black pearl School of Rock Seabiscuit The Lord of the Rings – The return of the King
Your answers – film titles – 1 point per film. 2 points for subtitle

20 is

Question Answer Reference
20 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius is: -5.556, -6.667, -7.778 -6.667
The A20 goes from London to: Hastings, Margate, Dover Dover
20 North 20 East. Where are you? Chad, Libya, Sudan Chad
The square root of 20 is plus/minus: 4.4721, 4.3721, 4.2721 4.4721
Which of these is 20 in braille:
⠼⠃⠚ https://symbl.cc/en/tools/braille/
20, twenty, XX
One point per correct answer

20 years ago – during 2003

Guess the month. 12 different answers.

Event Month
Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates on reentry February
Saddam Hussein is captured December
Dewey the world’s first cloned Deer is born May
Tesla Inc. – the American electric car company – is founded July
MySpace is launched August
Greta Thunberg is born January
Concorde’s last flight November
Human Genome project is completed April
WordPress 0.71-gold released June
Nokia 7600 announced September
Iraq war begins March
Concorde’s last commercial flight October
2 points for each correct answer. 1 point for within one month either way

Highest grossing stars in 2003

Ian McKellen Antonio Banderas Will Smith
Ben Affleck Keanu Reeves Michelle Rodriguez
Nicole Kidman Eddie Murphy Tom Cruise
Your answers – stars names. One point per star. Bonus point for all 9.

WordPress core, plugins and themes

For some clues for the following questions watch my video where I demo WordPress v0.71-gold updated to run on PHP 8.

Clues start at 04:00
Question Answer Reference
Which of these Twenty something themes wasn’t created as a bundled theme? 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 2018 https://herbmiller.me/wordpress-core-bundled-themes-version/
Which plugin is not in the 20 most downloaded from wordpress.org: Redirection, Classic Editor, Gutenberg, Site Kit by Google Gutenberg, currently 35th https://top-10-wp-plugins.com/top-12-latest-extract/
Match the tickets to the number: #20, #200, #2000, #20000
– Permalink page grammar correction
– wp-comments.php should use fieldset instead of p
– We have alot of tickets
– Templates area does’t work if wp install dir is changed
Which of these was not one of the first plugins in WordPress 0.71? Akismet, Hello Dolly, Kubrick, WordPress Importer All of them
How many plugins were last updated on 27th May 2022? 0, 34, 68 34 wp-top12
What was the maximum size of a File Upload in WordPress 0.71 96KB, 230KB, 1MB 96KB 230KB was .zip file!
Which of these functions was not in WP 0.71? antispambot(), capital_P_dangit(), wpautop()
capital_P_dangit v3.0.0
One point per question. One point for each correctly matched ticket number
Fun with CSS?
figure.hc2 td:nth-child(2),
figure.hc3 td:nth-child(3),
figure.hr tr td
 { color: white;
border-color: black;  
font-size: 0px;
figure.hr tr td::before { content: '  '; font-size: 20px; }
figure.hc2 td:nth-child(2):hover,
figure.hc3 td:nth-child(3):hover,
figure.hr tr td:hover {
 color: black;
 font-size: 20px;
transition: all 2s ease-out;
.hr table { table-layout: fixed; }