• oik-clone v2.0.0-beta-20200616 – cloning new content made easier

    Today, after many months of procrastination, I’ve implemented a small change to my oik-clone plugin that should significantly improve my publishing process. oik-clone now has the ability to automatically re-clone content with newly added (uncloned) featured images.

    The primary purpose is to ensure that the target system has the correct ID for the featured image.

    Original processNew process
    Create the content.Same
    Upload and attach the featured image.Same
    View the content.Same
    In the output of the [clone] shortcode select the post and the child attachment to clone. Click on cloneSame.
    Edit the content – check the SEO meta description, correct a typo or something, update the taxonomies then update.No need to edit. You’re done.
    View the content again.
    Clone the content again.
    Original process vs New process for cloning new content

    See bobbingwide/oik-clone#50.

    Clone/cloned output before cloning

    Post without a featured image. Note: post ID 50 was extracted from the github shortcode. It’s a red herring I’ve learnt to live with.

    Clone/cloned output after cloning

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    June 16, 2020
  • oik-clone v2.0.0 – reconciliation with push, pull and import

    What has cloning ever done for us?

    Asked by: Fuzzy Duck, Ducky Fuzz and the other one

    Coming up to five years ago I published my requirements for cloning content between sites. One of the planned enhancements was to support pull cloning. ie. Pulling updated content back from a slave server to the local system, providing the same content cloning functionality as for push cloning, including attachments.

    I’m going on holiday to New Zealand fairly soon. I won’t be taking my laptop. I want to be able to import any changes I make on my websites back to my development machine.

    Back in June 2019, when I first started writing this post, I developed a batch interface to support push, pull and reconciliation. Then I got sidelined with Do Not Clone logic to cater for posts that get cloned both between subdomains and local and slave servers.

    Over the last couple of days, I’ve written a new Slave tab for the oik options > Clone admin page. I think I’ve nearly cracked it. It even seems to work for attachments. I can Import, Pull, Push and Clone content, including re-usable blocks.

    Now I’m going to find out if it really does work. Fingers crossed. I’ve packaged a new version of the plugin as v2.0.0-beta-20200127. I don’t think I need to install the plugin on my servers since the changes apply to my local development. But I might as well.

    Wish me luck! PS. I will be taking backups before I do anything too drastic.

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    April 21, 2021
  • How To Get Distracted Part 5: cloning a local website to WPMS via normal WP

    On 16th May 2012 I gave a presentation to the Secrets to Success networking group with a subject of “20 Secrets to Successful websites”. It was in the form of  a simple website that I had developed locally, using an early beta of WordPress 3.4.  I’ve now cloned it, twice, to a WordPress Multisite site:  http://rowlandscastlewebdesign.com/secrets-to-success-may-2012/ This is the story of why and how…

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